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We will try to have a wee trip along memory lane, with some images to stir your memories, or perhaps mixed with some to make you laugh.  We will try to change these from time to time, to keep it all fresh(ish).

Click on an image and a larger version will open in a pop up box.  Close the box with the 'X' in the top right corner.

Flying Scotsman (1)
Flying Scotsman (2)
Tornado First Train arrives at B/S 14 May 1897

Local Artist, Joyce DennysLocal Artist, Joyce Dennys
West Country Class Locomotive 'Budleigh Salterton'
Last Train from B/S 4 March 1967


The following is from the Gerard Hoffnung archives when, as a Tyrolean hotel owner, he replied to a woman making a booking request.

Dear Madam:

I am honourable to accept your impossible request.

Unhappy it is, I here have not bedroom with bath. A bathroom with bed I have. I can, though, give you a washing, with pleasure, in a most clean spring with no one to see. I insist that you will like this...

I am amazing diverted by your entreaty for a room. I can offer you a commodious chamber with balcony imminent to the romantic gorge, and I hope that you want to drop in.

A vivacious stream washes my doorsteps, so do not concern yourself that I am not too good in bath, I am superb in bed.

Sorrowfully I cannot abide your auto... Having freshly taken over the propriety of this notorious house, I am wishful that you remove to me your esteemed costume.

Standing among savage scenery, the hotel offers stupendous revelations. There is a french widow in every bedroom, affording delightful prospects.

I give personal look to the interior wants of each guests. Here, you shall be well fed-up and agreeably drunk. Our charges for weekly visitors are scarcely creditable.

Peculiar arrangements for gross parties, our motto is "ever serve you right!"

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