A.G.M July 19 - Probus Club

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A.G.M July 19

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Thursday 4 July 2019
1  Members Present & Apologies received: Present - 33 Apologies - 12
2  Chairman’s Report; David Brittain welcomed all this final meeting of the season and his last as Chairman. He said he had been privileged to be the Club Chairman, thanking Members for their support. He said the year had been successful because of the hard working and fully supportive committee. He named committee members and thanked them for their individual contributions.
3  Matters arising from last General Meeting; There were none reported.
4  Secretary’s Report; Secretary reminded members that this was the third and final time he had brought the draft list of members and their details to a meeting where they could inspect their individual details for inclusion into the 2019 – 2020 year book. Some members had already done this and a few brought further amendments and additions to be included.
5  Treasurer’s Report; The finance spread sheet was projected onto screen. See appendix A. John Brett explained items to the members and answered their questions. There was a small deficit for the year but this was not considered serious. Treasurer thanked Brian Leveridge for examining the account. The clubs membership fee will remain at £50 for the year 2019 - 20.
   Acceptance of the account was proposed by David Edwards and seconded Mike Thomas. The members accepted the accounts without dissent. Chairman thanked the Treasurer and Brian Leveridge (accounts examiner) for their work.
6  Social Secretary’s Report; Peter Walker spoke about the two successful visits during the year. The first was to the Meteorological Office September, which was oversubscribed and enjoyed by all who attended. The second was to the Royal Naval College Dartmouth in June, which 44 attended and enjoyed by all. There were two outside Lunches during the Year. Both the Victoria and the Belmont were very successful however, the Bedford, based on previous year’s experience was not though to be satisfactory. Other hotels including the Riviera at Sidmouth to be investigated for next year’s lunches.
7  In-house Lunch Secretary’s Report; Maurice Gwatkin said there are 31 for lunch today. The Lunch was Roast Chicken with bacon and vegetables followed by fresh fruit salad.
8  Speaker Secretary’s Report; Chairman thanked Ron Smith for his work. In Ron’s absence he then introduced Tony Venning (Dep. Speaker’s Secretary). Tony reviewed this year’s speakers. The members had rated these. High marks were given to most speakers; the clubs own speakers were especially high. He gave a brief description for next years speakers some of which have been to the club before. The programme for next year will soon be finalised and appear in next year’s yearbook.
9  Membership Secretary Report; As Neville Lister was unable to attend the AGM, and sent his report before the meeting. Three members have died this year: Dennis Law, Mike Shaw and Glynn Whittle. Attendance statistics were also presented showing an average meeting attendance of 67%.
   Membership at start of year 50 Ordinary 1 Emeritus
   Membership at end of year 48 Ordinary 0 Emeritus
10     Archivist’s report; David Edwards summarised details of the archive and how it was subject to the GDPR rules.
11     Prior to the formal election of officers the Chairman proposed an amendment to the constitution to allow the current Secretary to serve for a second year. This amendment was seconded and unanimously agreed by the members present.
    Election of Officers; The Chairman tabled the list of members who had volunteered to serve as Officers of the Club 2019/2020:
Chairman - Stephen Lacey
Deputy Chairman - Peter Walker
Secretary - Geoff Pinn
Deputy Secretary - Roger Saunders
Treasurer / Web Administrator – John Brett
Deputy Treasurer - Martyn Weston
Speaker Secretary - Tony Venning
Deputy Speaker Secretary - David Tutcher
Social Secretary - Peter Walker
Assistant Social Secretary (in-house lunches) - Maurice Gwatkin
Membership Secretary - Neville Lister
Archivist - David Edwards
Accounts Examiner - Brian Leveridge
   Chairman asked members to consider the List en-bloc and its acceptance was proposed by Mike Thomas and seconded by Robert Harland. The membership accepted the proposal.
12     Presentation of badge to retiring Chairman; Stephen Lacey thanked David Brittain for his excellent Chairmanship during the past year. David wished Stephen and the new committee well for the coming year 2019/20 and transferred the ‘Chairman’s Badge’.
13     Any other Business; Guy Smith passed me his personal information for inclusion in next years yearbook and Henry Gooding amended his email address.
14 Next General Meeting; 5 September 2019. Speaker Simon Fogg to talk about “Wartime Dalditch Camp”. Vote of thanks David Ferguson
15     Next Committee Meeting 5 September 2019 at 09:45.
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