2018 - 2019 - Probus Club

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2018 - 2019

Past Talks
Devon Air Ambulance

‘Did Julius Caesar cross my Lawn?

‘Remembrance’ How the Nation treats its war dead;
the work of the War Graves Commission.       
Family History and Archeology

Private I B Gurney, ‘Gloster’ Regiment      

The Magistracy

Shackleton’s amazing Antartic Adventure

Behind the Blue Peter Badge  

The Circumnavigation of Helvellyn; a Pilgrimage under sail

The work of the Stroke Organisation

Paper; The Product of the Past and the Future

‘These I met on my way’ Nursing Career

‘The Unnatural death of DR David Kelly’

‘My Life and Times’ RT. Hon. Ann Widdecombe                                    

Joseph Paxton; Chatsworth to the Crystal Palace

The Dog’s Trust  

Clinton Devon Estates

Devon’s Railway Heritage

‘Working with Politicians’

‘Budleigh, Simcoe and all that Jazz’

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