2013 - 14 - Probus Club

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2013 - 14

Past Talks

'Forensic Science'                             

‘History of the Stuart Line’

‘Booze, Baccy & Cruise Missiles’

‘Living with Deer and other animals since the Ice Age’

'The life and times of a Queens Trumpeter'

‘Jersey under the Jackboot’  

‘Death, the fate of all our ancestors’  

‘The mysterious fate of Commander 'Buster' Crabb

‘The Flight of the Vulture’


'The Soviet Union - My part in its downfall'

‘The life of a Truant Officer’

‘Exeter Cathedral Restoration Part 2’

‘I K Brunel - Engineer’

‘Off the record'

‘The development of Waterborne transport in Devon’

‘The eradication of Poliomyelitis’

‘HM Revenue & Customs’

'Crossing the high seas'

'Catching fog in a fishing net'

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