07 June 18 - Probus Club

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07 June 18

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Thursday 07 June 2018 10.45 am

Tony Venning welcomed all Members and Speaker Michael Downes. David Ferguson, a new member gave those present a short introduction to him, including his 20 years as a Zen Master. John Knivett has had an operation on his knee and remains in hospital as his diabetes is playing up. John Brett has been in R D & E due to his ill health but is now back home. We all wish them well. Tony Venning and Mike Shaw attended the funeral of Stanley Baker on 30 May 2018.
35 Members plus 0 guest. 7 apologies received.
Matters arising from last Meetings
Due to being unwell, John has not yet put a copy of the Minutes of the last Meeting on the web, but have been vetted by Tony
Secretary's Report
Nothing to mention here.
Treasurer's Report
John Brett is away today. David Brittan (Jnr) said he had nothing to report.
Speaker Secretary's Report
Martyn Weston, introduced Michael Downes who gave us a talk entitled “Our Great Elizabethan”. (This is a change from the advertised talk – French Connections) Michael gave a very informative talk providing many details of the life and times of Sir Walter Rayleigh to coincide with this being 400 years since his death.

Social Secretary's Report
Peter Walker is away. Stephen mentioned that members could still join the visit to Sherborne Castle. Unfortunately, as numbers are low, we have had tyo cancel the coach so all will be going in cars. Peter is presently putting together a schedule of events for 2018/19.
In-house Lunch Secretary's Report
Robert confirmed list is available for our next in-house lunch, after the AGM, on 5 July 2018. By popular demand, a meat pie will be provided followed by a cold sweet.
Membership Secretary's Report
Nothing to advise.
Any Other Business
Vote of Thanks
Geoff Pinn thanked Michael for a very splendid talk and Members expressed agreement in the usual way.
Next Meeting
21 June 2018 when David Milton, a member of the Club, will give us a talk entitled “Now & Then – Changes in Professional Football”. Vote of Thanks will be given by Roger Saunders.
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