03 May 18 - Probus Club

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03 May 18

Minutes > 2017-18
Thursday 3 May 2018
1       Chairman's Report – Tony Venning welcomed all Members and Speaker Colin Vosper. Chairman mentioned Mike Bodsworth who is attending as a guest today.
2      Present – 33 Members plus 1 guest. 10 apologies received.

3       Matters arising from last General Meeting – Due to a computer failure, the Minutes have still not been placed on the BS Probus website but hope this will be put right soon.

4       Secretary's Report – The new Data Protection Regulations come into force later this month. Guidance notes have been passed onto me by David Brittan (Jnr). Copies will be circulated to Committee members who will discuss before our next Meeting.

5       Treasurer's Report – John Brett is away today. David Brittan (Jnr) reported we are now in the new financial year and cheques for the Chairman’s lunch will be paid into the Bank next week. Otherwise, no change to the financial standing of the Club.

6       Social Secretary's Report -  Peter Walker confirmed 42 are attending the Chairman’s lunch on 10 May 2018. If anyone else wanted to attend, they would be welcome. Peter mentioned the proposed trip to Sherborne Castle, providing those present with further detail. This is scheduled for 13 June 2018, leaving the clubhouse around 09:45 and returning here about 17:00. Excluding food,  cost would be around £17.00 to £19.00 per head, depending on the group size.  

7       In-house Lunch Secretary's Report – Robert is away today. Stephen confirmed the next lunch is after the AGM, on 5 July 2018. Members are encouraged to add their names to the list and details of the menu would be given next time.

8       Speaker Secretary's Report – Martyn Weston, introduced Colin Vosper who gave us a talk entitled “Maritime Shortcuts”. Colin gave a very informative providing details of local canals proposed but never completed! Also, touched on the Suez and Panama Canals which had recently been upgraded, although no fanfair heard for either.

9       Vote of Thanks – John Knivett thanked Colin for a very splendid talk and Members expressed agreement in the usual way.

10     Any Other Business – none.

11     Next Meeting – 17 May 2018 when John Ludlow will give us a talk entitled “More of John’s Odd Odes. Charivari and Music”. Vote of Thanks will be given by Neville Lister.
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